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  1.   2010-2015 Camaro Manual 9" Pro-formed 9" Conversion kit (new style with larger bushings and more)  
    The Drive Shaft shop is proud to announce the release of the new Generation V2 2010-2015 Camaro 9" Rear Conversion Kit. This system has been designed and built specifically for the Camaro platform. The new version has been updated to be a more Friendly street version. What has been changed on this kit is this. We have changed over to using a new "Pro-Formed" Rear housing. It may have the looks of a Fabricated housing but in the true DSS way of making parts its allot better. It is a press formed housing with less welds than a Fabricated housing (eliminating the issues with fully welded housings) We have also moved the housing down and back a little so Any Diff Case can be mounted with any clearance issues. When we 1st made this kit it was for the "Baddest" cars out there (the DSS 9" kit is in all the 7 and 8 second 5th gen Camaros out to date) , we had almost solid bushings, we put housing up to the gas tank as far as we could get the axle angle correct and designed the 1st gen to use the Nodular case but Not anymore.

    What we have done here is make it so it can be street driven with a more forgiving mounting bushing (kit comes with SuperPro Purple bushings) Over the time we have made this kit and axles for the cars we have realized allot about what we could do to make the kit better. First the angle of the axle was a real issue for one's made with Cross groove CV's on each end. What was happening was the axle bar would move back and forth when the axle was at 7 or more degrees, this "extra" movement would make the axles wear our per-maturely (stock car is 6 degrees before its lowered, the 9" is lower making it even more) so We went ahead and changed the outer CV to whats called a Fixed outer CV. What this does i capture the axle bar so it can not move back and forth (its whats the stock axle design is also) We changed from using a good grease to using a Neo HPCC1 grease so wear is not going to be an issue. We then made the drive shafts with the CV for better balance and stability thru the entire RPM range but we went even further, we have put a sound deader in the tube, most are not aware that a 9" gear is only available in the aftermarket. The finishing on them is not as "good" as a stock gear so you may hear more of the diff and gear noise, we have found adding the deader to the tube helps correct this (that and the correct oil). Another thing to keep in mind is the area just above the Diff is under the back seat, there is no sound deader at all there so adding some will help make "any" Camaro quieter.

    We here at DSS will never rest on a design, just like cars come out with new models and are improved we are constantly improving each and every thing we make, We have changed out bearings and seals on the side stubs to have a Built in seal in the bearing and also adding a second one to ensure the diff does not leak from the stubs, We supply the kit with a Fel-Pro gasket for the Diff housing and also High speed balance all Driveshafts made by DSS (checked and balanced to 9600RPM) magnetic drain plug and more forgiving bushins are a few things this new kit offers.

    So now were using the new Pro-Formed steel case with all mounts tig/mig welded on and the housing is pressure tested. The front mount that connects to the original 5 pinion bolts on the 9” center section has a spacer that will allow for either the standard nodular case or a nice ProAluminum bolt thru style one. Due to the variety of differentials and spools, cases available we have decided to supply the 9” housing rear alone as a kit and let you use the drop down menu to pick the Center section. allowing you to decide what one would be best for your needs. This kit utilizes all 3 original mounting points for the factory differential no fabrication needed, Included NOW are the softer and more forgiving Superpro Purple bushings to stop harmonics and make for a smoother drive train. The kit comes with all other hardware needed for the installation. a new larger Vent tube and we have also added a "magnetic drain plug" to collect the break in debris from the gears (gears have to be broken in for 300-500 miles and the oil changed) this may not sound like much but all of these things together add up to a great part that will take about any HP and abuse you want to put into it.

    We have supplied our special 31/33/35 spline diff stubs rated to 1800HP that include the double seal design.

    The system will come with our V2 Pro-Series 1800HP axles designed for the 9" conversion(sorry the standard Camaro axles will not fit).
    We have also spent considerable time and effort to supply the kit with a proven driveshaft (can not be excluded)

    The kit will include:
    1. Powder coated Differential housing (ProFormed) with rear bracket
    2. Powder coated front mount with new poly bushings
    3. (2) diff stubs with o-ring bushings Double seals rated and guaranteed for 1800HP (more if diff is set up correctly)
    4. (2) DSS 1400HP "fatty" axles with 30 spline center shafts and REM polished CV internals. This is new Axle with the Fixed outer CV
    5.Driveshaft options (all come with custom billet plates, please click link to see why)
    6. All necessary hardware needed to complete the installation
    7. (3) Superpro Purple mounting bushings.
    8. 1-year warranty unconditional , we will do out best to extend this if we feel its truly a design problem/issue.

    The DSS 9" kits are designed for use with the Strange center section and 5-bolt pinion support. If you are using a center section from a different manufacturer, modifications may be necessary and you are on your own. We cannot guarantee fitment for any center section other than the Strange 5-bolt unit.

    Please Note: Standard dealer discounts do not apply to the Diff parts (front housing with internals, gears,pinion ect in drop down boxes) , dealers call for pricing

    Part Number: GM9V3-1M
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  2.   2015+ Challenger R/T / Scat Pack / SRT / SRT392 / Hellcat Manual 3.25" Carbon Fiber Driveshaft  

    Please Note:

    * This driveshaft for 2015+ models DOES NOT REQUIRE SPACERS

    * Exhaust system may need to be modified for adequate clearance (.75”)

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  3.   HONDA 2000-2003 S2000 (AP1) 1-Piece Carbon Fiber CV Driveshaft  
    -Warranty: 1 year
    -Internally Dampened for quiet performance.
    -Added strength, no added weight.
    -Carbon Fiber construction softens shock to driveline components and tires, improving traction and lessening breakage. Learn More
  4.   2013 Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, Toyota GT86 800HP Direct Bolt-in Rear Axles  
    Many of us have all been anticipating this car for some time. Its a collaboration from two leading Japanese manufacturers and it seems that they took some of the best parts from both and made one incredible car. The boxer engine from Subaru, the diff is very similar to the 86-92 Supra from what we have gathered, and its RWD. What more could you ask for? Learn More
  5.   2016+ Camaro Automatic Pro-Formed 9" Conversion Kit  
    The Driveshaft Shop is proud to announce the release of the new 6th Gen 2016+ Camaro Automatic 9” Conversion Kit. Modeled after the same guidelines that have taken the nastiest IRS cars in the world to the 8,7 and now 6 second range, this street car friendly kit has race car capable capacity and pedigree.

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