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            How to Measure For Custom Axles


Front Axle Measurement Guide



Typical measurement with intermediate bar/shaft and axle seal on transmission.



Typical measurement without intermediate bar/shaft and axle seals on transmission.



Typical measurement with axle flanges on transmission.
Typical measurement with stub shafts on transmission.
Rear Axle Measurement Guide
Typical measurement from diff seals to inside of hubs.
Typical measurements from diff stubs to inside of hubs.
Typical measurements from diff stubs to inside of wheel flanges.
Typical measurements from splined diff stub shafts to inside of wheel hubs.



When measuring for custom axles, please make sure the car is at ride height. this will ensure a perfect Fit.



Please Provide the Following Information:

1. Year/Make/Model of the transmission. (Spline count if possible)

2. Year/Make/Model of the vehicle.

3.Year/Make/Model of the outer hubs being used. (Spline count if possible)

4. Does the car have ABS/Would you like to retain the ABS Ring.

5. Intended use of the axle. Type of racing or driving duties.

6. What HP does the axle have to handle and is it forced induction or naturally aspirated.




Please keep in mind we are a full custom axle and drive shaft shop able to attach most any ends together, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call and make sure you have all the information correct.


Please email all of the required information and measurements to axles@driveshaftshop.com

If you have additional questions that can not be answered via email please give us a call, however due to high call volume email is the best form of contact.