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How to Measure For A Custom Driveshaft

 driveshaft measurement

Measure from the edge of the seal
(Not the output shaft)
to the centerline of the rear u-joint.

**Please do this at ride height.
The car can be lifted under the differential but make sure it has the weight on the rear springs**

To properly measure the rear end yoke, first determine if the yoke has (2) tabs that the rear joint will sit-in between or if there is not tabs (tabs are in the picture above) or if it has a flat plate.

Be very careful with this measurement. The size changes in increments of 1/16(1-1/16|1-1/8|1-3/26)

Please Provide the Following Information:

1. Transmission Year/Make/Model (please advise spline count if possible)

2. Differential Info: What did it come from (did it have u-bolts or straps and (4) bolts or it was a flat plate)

3. What HP and torque does the engine currrently produce?

4. If the car is being built for competition, please give us a full run down of the car, weight , tire size and rear ratio all of this will help get you the correct shaft.